Stand-Up Pouches vs. Traditional Packaging: Which is Better for Your Business?

What is a standing pouch?

Stand-up pouches are alternative package solutions mainly for food-grade products. Packaging items such as pet food, tea, coffee, nuts, meat, and cereals, has never been easier.

A stand-up pouch is also useful for non-food applications such as industrial products, medicines, and cosmetics.

The pouch is sealed with an air-tight sealer in the form of zip locks or spouts to ensure that the products remain fresh and undamaged.

It greatly preserves the quality and shelf life of food products because the zipper prevents food from oxidising easily, hence, keeping your pet food fresh from moisture.

An aluminium stand is the best material to preserve freshness.

Some pouches also come with tear notches on each side at the top to ease the opening process of the package.

It is easy to customise the size, colour and shape of your standing pouch to fit your company branding because of the large surface area that enables a potential customer to easily notice your product.

A Stand Pouch Vs. A Traditional Packaging

Compared to traditional packaging such as plastic water bottles, glass jars, boxes, and cans, is a stand-up pouch better for your business in the long run? Let’s explore further.

1. Convenience

A standing pouch is equipped with a resealable zipper feature which reduces product leakage and oxidization. It also preserves the freshness of the content and prevents the entry of bacteria moisture.

For traditional packages, it is not always easy to store them whilst maintaining the freshness of the content because they are not air-tight and often require elastic bands or clips to keep them close.

2. Weight

Stand-up pouches are lightweight so they are easy to carry around without spilling.

Glass, however, is heavy so it is not convenient to be moved around and requires extra manpower to transport.

3. Flexibility

Standing pouch is easy to pack and transport because it is compact and can be easily stacked on top of each other without having to worry about the contents because the material and shape prevent damage or dent.

Hence, it is less vulnerable to wastage.

Note that jars, boxes, bottles and cans are bulky, so they need more space and proper arrangement to ensure they are intact.

They are also more vulnerable to wastage because jars can break easily and boxes and cans can dent when they fall.

Photo by Packhelp on Unsplash

4. Production cost

The standard price of a pouch online is from RM 0.10 to less than RM 10 per piece which is very cheap.

Even if you add a hundred of them to your cart, it is still more worth it than a traditional package.

Meanwhile, a traditional package mostly costs more than RM 10 per piece.

It is more expensive to produce jars, cans and bottles so the payment required is also higher.

5. Sustainability

Pouches protect contents from contact with bacteria and other contaminants. Hence, they help to reduce waste and extend the shelf life of your product.

A stand-up pouch can also be recycled because it is mostly made of aluminium, plastic or paper, which reduces the environmental blueprint.

Fewer materials are needed to produce stand-up pouches which makes them eco-friendly, yet, durable because they are layered to ensure strength and protect contents.

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Some jars are not able to protect contents from bacteria so sometimes you can find fungus growing at the mouth of the bottle after a while.

The materials are also not biodegradable so they can potentially increase carbon blueprint which is not environmentally friendly.

6. Visibility

It is easy for customers to notice a standing pouch because it has a large surface area for printing and can stand on its own.

Depending on the size and shape of traditional packaging, the printing may be more obscure because the surface area isn’t as large and doesn’t have a flat lay for easy visibility.

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After considering the different aspects of standing pouches and traditional packaging, it is clear that the former is better for your business because it is more cost-effective, convenient, and better to display branding compared to the latter.

A standup pouch is versatile in storing different types of products in a similar package which makes it desirable for many consumers.