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Are you looking for retort pouch packaging manufacturer in Sabah? We provide sustainable, high-quality, and customized retort pouch packaging for our clients. Call, WhatsApp, fill in the form a visit us for further details.

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QPack Sabah Sdn Bhd provides top-notch packaging solutions known for their quality and reliability. We use advanced technology and prioritize customer satisfaction to deliver customized products that fit your requirements. Count on us for efficiency, innovation, and a hassle-free experience.

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QPack Sabah Sdn Bhd ensures top-notch quality in its packaging solutions, meeting the highest standards and exceeding customer expectations.

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Our experienced and dedicated team members are committed to delivering exceptional service, expertise, and support to meet your packaging needs.

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We offer a comprehensive range of packaging services, from design and production to delivery, streamlining the process for our clients and saving them time and effort.

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QPack Sabah Sdn Bhd provides competitive pricing and attractive deals on packaging solutions, ensuring customers get the best value for their investment.

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What Is Retort Pouch Packaging?

Retort pouch packaging is a type of flexible packaging used for preserving and packaging food and beverages. It consists of a flexible, multilayered pouch made from materials such as polyester, aluminum foil, and polypropylene. The pouch is heat-sealed to ensure a tight seal.

The key feature of retort pouch packaging is its ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures during the retort sterilization process, which is a method used to sterilize the contents of the pouch to ensure food safety and extend shelf life.

Why We Need Retort Pouch?

Extended Shelf Life

Retort pouches withstand sterilization, extending food shelf life by preserving freshness and reducing the need for additives.

Improved Product Quality

Preserve nutrients, flavors, and textures, ensuring food tastes fresh and maintains quality over time.

Lightweight and Space-Efficient

Saves space and reduces shipping costs due to its lightweight design, ideal for transport and storage.


Customizable in size, shape, and design, accommodating various products across industries for flexible packaging options.


Easy to open, pour, and reseal, providing consumer-friendly packaging for on-the-go lifestyles and quick consumption.

Environmentally Friendly

Lower carbon footprint with recyclable and biodegradable materials, aligning with sustainable packaging practices and reducing environmental impact.

Benefits You Will Get From Customized Services

Enhanced Product Protection

Tailored packaging provides optimal protection during storage and transportation, with features like barrier properties and tamper-evident seals preserving product freshness and integrity.

Brand Identity

Customized packaging creates a unique identity for your product, ensuring it stands out on the shelf and captures consumers’ attention with distinctive designs and branding elements.

Customer Experience

Customized retort pouch packaging services offer benefits like personalized designs, improved product appeal, brand recognition, and increased consumer satisfaction.

Sustainability Benefits

Customized packaging emphasizes sustainability with eco-friendly materials, and less excess packaging, and boosts your brand’s reputation with eco-conscious consumers.

Benefits of Retort Pouch Packaging

It can stop microbial growth and make various enzymes inactive during retorting, ensuring the shelf stability of the product. Plus, It can ensure the maximum nutritional value, taste, aroma, and flavor by shortening processing time.

Semi-rigid, flexible and leak-proof

Allows sterile packaging of food

Able to stand vertically

Oxygen & moisture resistant

Retains food freshness and flavor

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Best BBQ MarinatedBest BBQ Marinated
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The best service from the staff👍🏻 is very helpful for customer needs. Really don't look for anything else. Been faithfully using packaging from qpack for 3 years & no regrets till now
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QPACK SABAH The heart of packing for Borneo Entrepreneurs 💪💪💪
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04:24 02 Dec 23

Retort pouches are typically manufactured using a combination of layers including polyester, aluminum foil, and polyethylene, which are laminated together to create a barrier against moisture, oxygen, and light.

Retort pouches are typically designed to withstand the high temperatures of the retort sterilization process but may not always be suitable for microwave heating. It’s essential to check the packaging for specific instructions regarding microwave use.