Cookie Packaging Design: Tips and Ideas for Maximum Appeal

They say never judge a book by its cover. But the reality is that even the best of us do it. Subconsciously, of course. That is why the marketing industry tries hard to make products appealing to potential customers, because they know the psychology behind appearances, similarly, they also know that attractive packaging designs sell.

This concept applies to all types of products but for today, I will focus on cookies. So if you’re a solo entrepreneur who loves baking and wants to get your cookies out into the world, read on to discover the best cookie packaging tips and ideas that get cookie-loving consumers like yourself swarming for your delicious treats.

Best Cookie Packaging Design Tips in 2023

1. Branding

Create a personality for your cookies by identifying what you want your customers to feel when they see your products that will get them to purchase, consume, and come back for more.

It’s also important to identify the kind of aura you want to exude to your potential customers as this will affect the color schemes, presentation style, fonts, and design of your cookie packaging.

Getting your cookie packaging to be the ‘voice’ of your brand is the perfect way to promote your products. Consumers also like to feel a great sense of belonging with the product they purchase. Hence, writing a simple and brief story about how your company come about will give your customers a sense of home and warmth which encourages them to order more!

2. Customisation

Have fun with your cookie packaging by customising it. For example, if a customer wants to order your cookies for a birthday celebration, design the stickers or boxes with birthday themes.

Introduce mini cookies

Another fun way to customise your cookie packaging is by having holiday-designed elements every year such as Christmas, Easter, or Valentines to get your customers excited to buy your cookies. Take this chance to introduce mini cookies in advent calendars, for example. They are a perfect size to fit mini cookies with different flavours for your customers. Introducing them every year lets your customers know you have great options in store for them.

3. Versatility

It is good to have different sizes of cookie packaging for different amounts of cookies. the different sizes cater to different purposes which gives your customers options for their convenience.

For example, a medium-sized box would be useful as a gift while a large-sized one is best to share with loved ones. However, having a small pack of cookies for easy safekeeping is also useful for a rainy day.

4. Durability

This tip mostly applies to a large-scale cookie company that wishes to distribute its stock of new products across the country or the world. The cookie packaging must be durable enough to withstand the transportation process so the cookie stock does not get damaged.

The material of the cookie packaging must also preserve the freshness of the product which means you need to also consider the shelf life of the cookies before a customer potentially purchases and eats them.

5. Practicality

The packages must be easily stored and don’t take up too much shelf space. Take care not to overwhelm your consumers with too much nutritional information, but rather, to only provide the information that brings the most value to them. For example, simply write ” no trans-fat” or “50% less sugar” on the pack and blend this information well to fit in with the design.

Furthermore, ensuring your packaging material is food-safe can protect the cookies from contamination. Semi-transparent or translucent packaging also gives assurance to your consumers on the appearance of your cookies and gains their trust in the long run.

Best Cookie Packaging Design Ideas In 2023

Photo by Sticker it on Unsplash

Now that you have learnt about the do’s and don’ts of designing cookie packaging, let us look at some packaging designs ideas that could take your product storage to a whole new level.

1. Cookie boxes

A classic brown cookie box or a customised one designed according to your liking is perfect to store your product. You can also customise the shape of the box depending on the usage or occasion. For example, a bunny-shaped box for Easter or a heart-shaped box for Valentine’s day. Another type of cookie box would be a gable box which is easy to carry around because of the handle.

2. Stand-up pouches

Store your treats with a stand-up zip lock pouch complete with a transparent plastic window so your consumers can see your lovely desserts placed nicely in the packaging.

3. Ice cream container

Who says an ice cream container is just for ice cream? It’s another great way to store your cookies because it’s the perfect size for both large and mini cookies. The lid is a nice practical touch to keep your cookies fresh.

4. Cookie jar or Mason Jar

Air-tight jars keep your cookies fresh no matter how many times you open and close them. It’s a practical type of packaging to add to your options.

5. Paper bags

Grease-resistant brown cookie bags make sure that your packaging remains intact. Translucent bags decorated with minimalistic designs and bows also look adorable.

6. Resealable plastic bags

A resealable plastic cookie packaging is compact and maintains the freshness of your cookies.

7. Cookie pouch bags

A minimalistic cost-saving design is a pouch bag made of transparent plastic bags tied with a cute ribbon.

How To Make Your Cookie Packaging Design Awesome

1. Stickers or cards

Customise stickers or cards to add some personality and creativity to your cookie packaging.

2. Tag

Adorn your cookie packaging with a tag that contains your brand to personalise it.

3. Bows

If all else fails, a classic bow with ribbon is enough to make your cookie packaging appealing in the simplest way.

4. Sleeves

Having cookie sleeves with different designs adds some flair to your product.

Let’s wrap it up!

There are so many great ways to pack your cookies to give them the maximum appeal that they deserve. Both children and adults alike prefer cookie packaging that is unique and attractive. With good branding, creative customisation, versatility, strong durability, and high practicality, your cookie packaging can speak to even the toughest of hearts. Be innovative and bold with your design; it will pay off in the end!