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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ziplock is a bag made of flexible packaging materials used to store food products such as fruit, snacks, and nuts. Zipper bags can also be used to store items like cosmetics, yarn, and more. A ziplock bag is made with grip n seal technology – it has a seal that can be opened and closed repeatedly. The easy grip texture makes the bags convenient to use for storage of contents.

QPack Sabah Sdn Bhd is one of Malaysia’s flexible packaging material experts, and we offer multiple types of flexible packaging essentials. Our flexible bags come in different shapes and sizes and it is customizable to your required needs. Here are some of the zipper or ziplock packaging bags:

  • Aluminium 8 Side Seal Window
  • Aluminium Long Stand Pouch Zip Lock Black Matte
  • Aluminium Long Stand Pouch Zip Lock Silver
  • Aluminium Ziplock Stand Pouch
  • Aluminium Ziplock Stand Pouch Black Matte
  • Frosted 3 Side Seal
  • Frosted 8 Side Seal
  • Frosted Zipper Bag
  • Kraft Paper 8 Side Seal
  • PE Plastic Mason Jar Standing Ziplock

These zipper bag is an ideal packaging solution for many types of dry goods, ready-to-eat food, and snacks including but not limited to brown sugar or granulated sugar, table salt, coffee beans, and many more.

There are different types of zipper packaging that Qpack has and they come in different types, shapes, and sizes for example aluminum, frosted, kraft paper, and plastics. The type of packaging you need is highly dependent on the type of powder and its intended use.

Zip lock bags are often used for food protection, as storage bags, and as a way to protect food.

Businesses use zip lock bags because it is more appealing, easy to store, durable, and easy to handle. The flexible packaging characteristic makes the ziplock bag much more user-friendly to the consumer and also an alternative to plastic bags.

Yes, customisation to the ziplock packaging can be made to suit your needs. We provide a wide range of services for the customization, including design services and printing services, amongst others.

Ziplock bags are a kind of plastic bag with a zip or a seal that locks together at the top. The seal is the main difference between ziplock bags and other kinds of plastic bags. Ziplock bags are made to be able to be closed again, which makes it easier for storing items. Here are some key differences between ziplock bags and plastic bags:

  • Sealing mechanism
  • Reusability
  • Thickness
  • Convenience
  • Price (Ziplock is more expensive than plastic) Here are some common uses of zipper bags:
  • These flexible packaging can be used to protect items such as electronic items, photographs, documents, and stationery from moisture and dust.
  • Useful in the kitchen as well. You can use this bags to store and also freeze your food items such as fish and poultry in the freezer. The characteristics of the zipper materials allow prevent freezer burn and keep the food fresh.
  • Can be used to keep your stationeries and small items such as sewing supplies and craft supplies. It can also be stored easily and acts as a good item organizer.
  • Used to pack toiletries, cosmetics, and other small items when traveling.
  • Used to store food items such as snacks, fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, and leftovers.