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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The materials used to design, create, design, and make snack packaging is flexible packaging, and materials include plastic, paper, and aluminum.

QPack Sabah Sdn Bhd snack packaging is mostly recyclable. Please check with our team if you require more information
on packaging for this.

A mix of barrier films and seals such as ziplock bags is used as it keeps moisture, air, and odours out and preserves the freshness of the snacks inside the snack packaging.

A simple answer to this is, yes. Flexible packaging includes a resealable component, such as a zip-top closure or an
adhesive strip, designed to protect and keep the snack product fresh after opening.

Many factors, including the type of snack, the quality of the product, its packaging, and the storage environment can affect how long snack packaging can keep food products fresh. Food will typically stay fresher for extended periods of time when it is packaged for long-term storage, like vacuum-sealed containers.

Some types of flexible snack packaging like our aluminum packaging are microwave-safe and capable of steaming up to 121 °C, while a variety of others are not. Be sure to check the packaging for microwave-safe instructions before attempting to heat snacks inside.

For the QPack Sabah Sdn Bhd brand, it is dependent on the brand and type of packing. Some snack packaging is intended to be used in the freezer or oven, while others are not. Kindly check the package for instructions before buying or please contact our team for further consultation.

Yes. QPack Sabah Sdn Bhd uses materials that are food-safe materials. This means the materials used are suitable for
contact with any consumable snack brands, chips, food, or drink products.

Most types of flexible snack packaging are not designed for reuse, as they can be difficult to clean and may not retain their original quality, freshness, and barrier properties after washing.

Our products vary from aluminum and frosted packaging of different types such as 8 side seal window, long stand pouch package, zip lock stand pouch package, and many others, including black boxes and also plastic mason jar. The sizes of these types of flexible packaging also vary.

Our brand is moving towards more sustainable packaging design options, such as biodegradable materials and we try to as much use environmental-friendly materials. Kindly contact our brand sustainability team for further consultation.

Customizing your packaging can enhance your brand identity. If you want to customize your snack packaging, kindly get in touch with us and we will provide more information. Customizing your flexible snack packaging can serve several purposes, including increasing the visibility and appeal to consumers of your brand. Adding your company’s logo, colours, and graphics to your snack packaging can help enhance brand awareness and make your food stand out on the shelves from other brands; help separate your product from other brands in the same category; and attract consumers by appealing to their interests, lifestyle, or values.