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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ready made packaging offered by QPack Sabah Sdn. Bhd. is pre-designed packaging solutions that are readily available for businesses to use for their products. You can purchase our ready made packaging through our website or directly from our store at KKIP Timur Kota Kinabalu.

Ready made packaging offers convenience and time saving benefits as businesses do not need to design and manufacture their own packaging. It can also provide cost savings as businesses can purchase packaging in bulk at lower costs. Additionally, ready made packaging can offer a professional and consistent presentation for products.

While ready-made packaging is pre-designed, some options can be customized with branding elements such as logos, colors, or text. Please contact us for information about customization options for your packaging needs.

Yes, we do offers bulk pricing for businesses that need to order large quantities of our ready made packaging. Please contact us or visit our store at KKIP Timur Kota Kinabalu Sabah to discuss more about the pricing and discounts for bulk orders.

Our ready made packaging solutions are suitable for a variety of businesses, including e-commerce stores, retail stores, and food and beverage businesses. Any business that needs to package and present products can benefit from using QPack Sabah Sdn Bhd ready made packaging solutions.

Yes, we occasionally offers discounts and promotions for our ready made packaging. Stay up-to-date with our latest promotions by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Don’t miss out, be sure to follow all of our social media accounts.