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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mason Jars were originally designed by John Landis Mason. He designed and invented the glass container that can serve in cooking or preserving food in 1858.

These jars were originally created for home food preservation, home canning and preserving fruits like pickles, vegetables, sauces, and other foods, but they have in years since become popular for keeping dry items, beverages, and handcrafted crafts and decorations.

Qpack’s PE Plastic Mason Jar Standing Ziplock can be used for a variety of purposes, including storing and packaging food and beverages, creating DIY projects, and serving food and drinks.

The typical mason jar is made of glass jars and the lid is usually made of metal, such things as tin or aluminum, although some modern versions may have plastic or other materials.

QPack Sabah Sdn Bhd PE Plastic Mason Jar Standing Ziplock is made of flexible packaging such as plastic material. Our products’ special features are:
● It comes with a zip lock to keep the packaging safe from externalities
● It is made with food-grade PE plastic
● It has a special appearance, a mason jar appearance but with a different texture (flexible) and material used
● It can be stored standing or as a standing pouch
● The product is transparent, meaning it can be seen through

Plastic mason jars are more lightweight hence making them easier to transport, store and handle. Due to its plastic feature, it doesn’t break like glass jars, making it a great choice for outdoor activities. Price-wise, it is cheaper compared to glass jars, hence it’s perfect for business owners who intend to buy in bulk. These jars are mostly made of recyclable materials which are better for the environment than glass jars. Essentially, plastic they are more versatile and practical for many applications such as food storage DIY projects, etc.

Qpack mason jar standing zip lock is made from food-grade PE Plastic and it is safe for storing and packaging food and beverages.

Food grade PE plastic is a type of polyethylene plastic that has been made to be safe for use with food and drinks. They are made from materials that don’t have any harmful chemicals or additives that could get into food, like BPA, phthalates, and heavy metals.

When a plastic product says “food grade” on the label, it means that it has been tested and approved by government agencies to meet strict safety standards for materials that come into contact with food. These rules make sure that the plastic doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into the food or change the way it tastes, smells, or feels.

Food-grade PE plastic, like containers, bottles, and bags, is often used to package food and drinks. It is light, strong, and resistant to moisture and impact, which makes it a popular choice for many food packaging uses.

Mason jars, which are made of plastic, are not recommended for use in the microwave because they have the potential to melt or release chemicals that are dangerous when subjected to high temperatures.

Our mason jars are made of plastic. While saving a lot of space compared to traditional mason jars, plastic jars are also recyclable, making them more friendly to the environment compared to non-recyclable glass jars.

This mason jar is suitable for storage of dry goods such as dry fruits, nuts, powder, salt, sugar, coffee, or tea, as well as dry snacks. The special zip lock feature keeps the food in airtight condition as well as keeping the products fresh and safe for longer periods.

QPack Sabah Sdn Bhd mason jars packaging are available in two (2) different sizes:
● M: 13cm x 20cm x 3.5cm
● L: 16cm x 24cm x 3.5cm

These products can be purchased in bulk at a minimum of 100pcs per purchase.

It can be durable and long-lasting, depending on the quality of the materials and the intended use. However, they may not
be as durable as glass mason jars and may not be suitable for canning and preserving food.

It can be sealed with plastic lids made specifically for mason jars. It is important to ensure that the lid is airtight and suitable for the intended use (such as storing or packaging food).

Flexible packaging mason jars are lightweight, shatterproof, and cost-effective compared to glass jars. They are also available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, making them a versatile choice for a variety of applications.

Plastic mason jars can be a good choice for just anyone, from individuals, small businesses, and manufacturers, to market sellers. Some good examples here:

  • If you are an event planner, plastic mason jars might just be the answer for you! Our product is a great packaging product for your next fun and creative parties, weddings, and other events, as it is less likely to break than glass jars.
  • For food producers, if you’re a manufacturer or a small business owner selling dry goods in the market, plastic mason jars can be a cost-effective and lightweight option for you. It will help ease product packaging for retail and distribution.
  • Crafters who require containers for the storage of supplies, the creation of do-it-yourself crafts, or the packaging of handcrafted products may find that plastic mason jars offer a cost-effective solution that is both adaptable and convenient.
  • Parents who want to store food or drinks for their children may want to consider using plastic mason jars instead of glass jars because they are less likely to break than glass jars.
  • Glass mason jars are more susceptible to breaking than plastic, making plastic mason jars a more practical option for people who like engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking, picnics, or camping. Plastic are also much lighter than glass.
  • Plastic mason jars can be a more environmentally-friendly option than non-recyclable glass jars, as many plastic mason jars are made from recyclable materials.

When choosing a plastic flexible packaging mason jar, it is important to consider the intended use, the size and shape of the jar, and the quality of the materials. It is also important to ensure that the jar is suitable for the intended purpose and free from harmful chemicals and contaminants. Kindly contact our sales team if you require more information.